USAG Level 3 - 10

Club Champion is a member of the USAG (USA Gymnastics Association).  They establish all of the rules of competition and judging in a USAG meet.  In addition, USAG establishes the compulsory routines for levels 2 through 5, and determines the required elements for the optional routines above level 5.



Club Champion is a member of the USAIGC Program (U.S. Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs).  The USAIGC is a college bound optional-only competitive program that provides gymnasts with a large variety of gymnastic level and skill.  USAIGC was created to help gymnasts stay in the sport of gymnastics for an extended period of time as well as enjoy other extracurricular activities.  The mind set of this program does not differ from USAG.  It requires a high level of commitment and dedication from both the athlete and parents in order to have a successful season.

CAT (Champion's Accelerated Training)

The CAT Program is Club Champion’s first step toward competitive gymnastics. It is our goal to see each child advance to the team program. The training in the CAT program focuses on discipline, developing listening habits as well as handling pressure and performing. Practices are positive and enthusiastic but the level of dedication and commitment to progress is higher than in the recreational program.  The average amount of time that the athlete will stay in the CAT program may range from 1-3 years.