girls gymnastics


BEGINNING 5-6 | 7+

Our Beginning Gymnastics class provides your novice gymnast with the basics of all four Olympic events as well as trampoline and tumble track. She will develop strength, coordination, and flexibility in a fun and exciting environment. The skills and techniques obtained in this class will provide a strong foundation in the sport.


Ready? Set! Blast off! This invite-only class is suited for young gymnasts who have demonstrated most or all of the following attributes: natural flexibility, a good sense of body control, and strong willingness to learn! Invitees will be challenged every week as their coach molds and shapes their bodies into sturdy, young athletes!


A typical student will spend multiple sessions in the Beginning class before achieving this level of gymnastics. Intermediate provides more difficult skills with a higher attention detail. A student will be taught proper form and body alignment as they face new challenges each week. This class has a moderate level of conditioning to prepare your child for the next level!


An Advanced student has mastered all basic gymnastic skills. These one and a half hour classes will shape, tone, and strengthen a recreational student and push her to become an extremely powerful athlete. Each day consists of heavy conditioning and stretchingthat will help the athlete compound their skills into more complex sequences. The Advanced level may be the launching point from which a gymnast pursues competitive gymnastics.